CaptainDash Beta V6 on the windows store

This week, our small startup have crossed a major milestone while releasing on the W8 application store its new CaptainDash application. This release is a major one to us as it includes the very core of what our team of 30 people has been sweating on over the past 2 years. First, CaptainDash now relies completely on a strong BigData solution. Everything you would see or do on Captaindash is coming out of our Hadoop / Hbase development. As such we think that we are one of the very fist application letting common people manipulate numbers with these quite recent technologies. Secondly we have now started to release some of our data connectors. In this version, there are Twitter, Google Analytics, Facebook, Foursquare as well as Atlas (the Microsoft ad-serving solution). As long as you have some login and passwords from these platforms, you can use CaptainDash, compare how you perform on any of these social sites and match it against your advertisement campaigns on Atlas. You can also compare your social stats against the ones of your competitors.
We also have finalized the user-experience and the Captain is now up and ready so get your stats experience the smoothest you’d ever dreamt of.
We would love to hear from you about CaptainDash, we believe that there are few software that are that peculiar in the BI / Analytics space (it was a pain to get Microsoft application store door keeper to understand that we are a business solution software!) . Feel free to feetback either directly or via the rating page on the W8 store. Anything you would think of to make your statistic and datavisualization life simplier is of interest to us.
Have a very good Dashboard Journey !

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Winner of the IBM SmartCamp 2012

On this past Friday, CaptainDash has been pleased to be awarded as the winner of the IBM SmartCamp 2012. This means that our Company has been recognized as the most promising French startup, according to IBM France. We went through a three jury process (financing, growth and international) on top of a prior selection made by the IBM execs.

We believe our strategy, made of bigdata, new generation analytics, and design is fitting well with IBM’s and that made sense for them to push us for the European contest that is to come in Nov this year.

We share a common vision with IBM:

  • CMO is the next leader in Innovation Strategy
  • Data change the world and make the world a smartest planet
  • ‘Consumerisation of IT’ is a far-reaching phenomenon
  • Hadoop is the key element for Big data

We are very proud of this partnership with a major actor of Business Intelligence.

Appart from that we are starting to pile up a significant number of awards and recognitions.

Last year we were awarded a BizSpark One membership by Microsoft (among the 60 most innovative startups globally) but that is definitely in the design category that we have received the most significant testimonials of recognition.

Just this year, we have been nominated or awarded by The Best Designs, CCS Awards, Awwwards,… and counting !

But the best is probably still to come. Our product is to be released on oct 23rd and we are confident that its design and overall features will rock.

Thanks to all and let us move forward…

A closer look at the CaptainDash team

Sometimes the easiest way to understand a concept is to hear it explained as simply as possible. Today at CaptainDash, we had the pleasure of filming a short video a which will be produced by Micro-documentaries. The Microsoft BizSpark One program has been a great supporter during this filming process, which has captured the real story of CaptainDash and its team, including what we do and our overall mission.

Bruno Walther, our CEO and founder of CaptainDash, discussed our goal to create a data synchronization tool that can help marketers manage their data and improve market efficiency. He ran OgilvyOne in France and decided that he wanted to explore the power of data synchronization further. In particular, he discussed our belief that information should be shared in order to support open societies. In Tunisia, for example, pioneers are building an ecosystem around big data to sustain the recent revolution. We fully support this shift toward a more open and fair world and appreciate the great work produced by the people in our Tunisian office.

You can probably already guess, but data is at the heart of everything we do, and that will be clear in our new micro-documentary. With different people, from data scientists to designers, working together, we are able to devise a new way of thinking about marketing.

Stay tuned over the next few weeks for the release of our micro-documentary! Visit to discover more.

– The Captain

What do Spider-man and Captain Dash have in common?

“With great power comes great responsibility.”

Big data is so much of a revolution that it’s like its giving superpowers to users. This is why CaptainDash uses the symbolism of the comic-book superheroes.

With the release of the newest Spider-man movie in theaters this week, we got to thinking about how much this iconic idea appeals to us here at CaptainDash. After all, big data is analogous to great power, and we are responsible for using that power for the good of others. With the astounding amount of data that is both already available and currently being created at a rapid rate, it’s important for those in charge of it to maintain a sense of duty. The goal is to balance individual privacy against an increased degree of personalization. So while the possibilities are great, the entire data industry should always endeavor to use big data for good and take security seriously. Spider-man shares CaptainDash’s desire to help the public, so we dug a bit into his background – we never pass up an opportunity to learn more about our fellow superheroes!

If you’re not familiar by now with the story of the arachnid super-hero that is Spider-man, you’re in the minority. What you may not know though, is that Spider-man is celebrating the 50th anniversary of his first-ever appearance this August. He swung into the superhero universe in a failing comic book in 1962 because creators weren’t sure he would be a commercial success. The webslinger quickly proved them wrong, as his issues were some of Marvel’s highest-selling comics ever.

Since that time, there have been many animated television series featuring everyone’s favorite bug and even one live-action series, but no full-length films were made until ten years ago. Throughout the 80s and 90s, multiple studios attempted to portray Spider-man on the big screen, but they continually faced problems. Some producers and studios didn’t fully understand Peter Parker, the man behind Spider-man; instead, they either found him uninteresting, or they misinterpreted his very nature as a regular guy with superpowers. In many cases, they believed that it would be too difficult to depict his web-slinging skills without advanced special effects and a very large budget. At one point, James Cameron was tasked with writing a script for a Spider-man film and, while the plans were eventually scrapped, he is credited with idea of organic, as opposed to mechanical, web shooters. In the earlier comics, Spider-man was a scientifically-minded teen who created a machine he could attach to his wrists that would shoot webs.

As time went on, lawsuits between companies and creators piled up and the entire idea seemed to be doomed to collect dust. Eventually, however, Sony’s Columbia studio won the rights to Spider-man at the turn of the millennium. This Spider-man movie trilogy, starring Tobey McGuire, was released in theaters in 2002, 2004, and 2007, and proved to be an overall critical and commercial success. A fourth movie was planned for last year, but became entirely too expensive to produce, thanks to inflated cast and crew salaries and script limitations. In the end, Sony decided to completely reboot the series and return to Spider-man’s beginnings. This makes business sense, but it also allows the audience to get a deeper look into Spider-man as a person and superhero. With the new movie The Amazing Spider-man coming to theaters worldwide this week, we will hopefully learn more about Peter Parker’s parents, whose deaths strongly motivate him to use his Spider-man powers for good. At the same time, we will see how he deals with very human problem while simultaneously trying to save New York City from both regular crime and supervillains.

The release of the Spider-man comics ushered in a new era of superhero where superheroes are flawed and saddled with everyday problems that they must balance with their commitment to the safety of society. Spidey, along with the X-men and the Incredible Hulk, sparked a comics revolution that forever changed the public’s experience with superheroes. I would even venture to say that CaptainDash has been a part of a similar point in history – data history, that is! After all, I’m a strong supporter of the data revolution. With great data comes great responsibility.

Are you are Spidey fan? Will you be watching The Amazing Spider-man when it launches this week? How do you think it will compare to the Spider-man representations of the past half-century?

Your friendly neighborhood superhero,

Get in on the Action!!

CaptainDash recently rocketed onto two new social media websites: Foursquare and Pinterest. We’ve added these sites to our online community because we know that different social networks offer different experiences and we are committed to reaching out to as many people as possible. As you probably know, we are already established on Facebook and Twitter, but Foursquare and Pinterest add a new dynamic to the CaptainDash community.

Pinterest was founded by Iowan Ben Silbermann and launched in 2010. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the rapidly-growing phenomenon, it is a pinboard-style social media website that allows individuals to post images they enjoy into various categories. Users “follow” one another to keep up with specific friends and topics of interest, re-pinning, or re-posting, images to build their own collections.

Captain Dash has begun to post images under different categories, including datavisualization, infographics, big data, superheroes, and more. How in the world can that be interesting to look at, let alone follow, you ask? Once you check it out, you’ll see that these topics are more interesting than you might imagine. Not to mention, we’re not just interested in the technical side of things. Click on different infographics boards and learn more about the world around us in just a few seconds – you might be surprised! Politics, maps, food, movies, music – you name it, we’re interested in it, so there’s a little bit of something for everyone. Of course, we’re still just beginner pinners, so suggestions are more than welcome.

Foursquare is a location-based social media site, created in 2009 by Dennis Crowley and Naveen Selvadurai. If you don’t already know, users of Foursquare can “check-in” at different locations, which allows friends to keep track of each other and learn about new places to visit. Users are awarded different points for different check-ins based off of a variety of different criteria, creating an atmosphere of friendly competition. Additionally, the individual who checks-in at a location most frequently becomes the Mayor of that location. Right now, CaptainDash is the Mayor of CaptainDash Headquarters in Paris, where we’re putting the finishing touches on the application software. We encourage anyone who works there or comes to visit to check in as well.

CaptainDash will be on the move often, travelling across the globe in search of the latest news on datavisualization, big data, and social media marketing to keep you informed. The Captain will be attending many events this summer as well as visiting places where the fathers of datavisualization have lived, worked, and changed the course of history.

We are excited to launch these two websites and work with CaptainDash users in new and dynamic ways. The sites are up and running, but please keep in mind that posting is in its primary phase. However, when you become friends with CaptainDash, we have the opportunity to grow and explore with you. Make sure you become friends with the Captain on Foursquare to see where he zooms off to next and follow “CaptainDash” on Pinterest to give your mind a break, look at pictures and possibly learn something new!

Here is the link for the CaptainDash Foursquare account:

Here is the link for the CaptainDash Pinterest account: