Quelle stratégie face à la diversité des mesures d’efficacité ?

La diversité des mesures capables de rendre compte de l’efficacité de l’entreprise ne cesse de s’élargir. Pas un jour sans qu’un nouvel indicateur émerge, toujours jugé complémentaire voire plus pertinent vis à vis des autres.
Contacts clients, réseaux sociaux, e-commerce, réputation, objets connectés … autant de nouvelles formes d’interaction avec le client qui rendent nécessaire une vision holistique du parcours client avec la marque. Alors quels indicateurs pour juger de la performance des actions menées ? Continuer la lecture de Quelle stratégie face à la diversité des mesures d’efficacité ?

The Explorer is Here!

Attention data universe! We have an announcement: After months of working in secret huddled over our desks late into the night, we have finally perfected the Explorer and are ready to unveil it!

So, you may wonder, what is the Explorer?

The Explorer is a radical tool that allows you to view all data from your online platforms – that means Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Foursquare, and Google Analytics. Hand-pick the lens through which you wish to view your online presence by choosing metrics and dimensions at will, and then experiment until your heart’s content. The architecture behind it may be complex, but let us assure you that your experience will be a breeze.

Why would we dedicate time and resources to an entirely free product?

That’s simple: because we believe in free data and the power it has to offer. We had a team of brilliant data engineers, the vast data universe at our disposal, and the inspiration to give you the tools to become empowered by your data…. so we decided to act.

Data doesn’t have to be spreadsheets that loom over your head or drown your desk, and it certainly doesn’t have to be complicated. We want to show you that it can be something sexy, fluid, and simple. And so for that reason, we’ve taken the job of collecting and organizing so that you can go straight to analyzing, strategizing, and benefiting from becoming more aware, well-informed, and empowered.

So what do you say…is it time for an adventure?

Explore here: http://explorer.captaindash.com


Napping Day: 5 Weird Facts About Naps


Here in Paris we don’t enjoy daylight savings time until March 30th, but we know that on Sunday night the rest of the world lost an hour of sleep. In honor of the hour lost, this week celebrates the mid-day ritual that is an integral part of some cultures, frowned upon in others, yet scientifically proven to be good for you: the glorious nap. Read on to learn 5 weird facts about naps that you likely weren’t aware of…


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Next-Gen Data Scientist

[Photo: KDNuggets]

From our last post about the role of the CMO, it is obvious that the Big Data Revolution has created a lot more new roles. One role in particular is that of the Data Scientist. It is easily the most hyped occupation of this decade, described by Hal Varian as « the sexiest job in the next 10 years. » But is there any science actually involved in the role? Or is it simply a more ‘sexier’ way to describe a Data Analyst? Continuer la lecture de Next-Gen Data Scientist