Beacons : What are They & Their Potential for Marketing

Imagine a world where you can push content and information to consumers’ mobile devices based their proximity to your product/store. Welcome to the world of beacons!

Beacons are small transmitters that connect to devices on location via blue tooth and are proving to be a formidable marketing tool. By the end of 2016 it is predicted that 85% of the major retailers in the US will be using them. So, how exactly can they be deployed for push marketing in an effective manner?

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How to Read Bar Graphs and Cumulated Bar Graphs



The bars allow the comparison of a large number of different elements within the same dimension, sharing a common metric. Effective for showing a time evolution, that is to say where the dimension is time and each value of the dimension is a date.

Let’s say you want to visualize your website’s visits over time. Here, the dimension is time:monthly so each bar is a month and the metric is visits so each bar height is relative to the number of visits for this month.

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What are Monoliths?

An application built as a single unit – simply put, this is a Monolith. But, what does this mean in general, what does this mean for your business and above all, what does this mean for the future of your business?


Creating a single server application is the most intuitive thing to do but with each leap that technology has taken we have had to increase the size of these applications for them to be able to handle anything. These applications are written in one single language and with each addition they become more complex and more difficult to test and thus, deploy.

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